Ubud: The Spirit of Bali


Ubud, a city-village in the middle of Bali, possesses a strong, mysterious enchantment. Since the earliest times, Ubud has attracted people from all parts of the world to visit, and to return again and agian. Many of them eventually decide to stay and start new lives here.

This often raises the questions: What is it about Ubud? What makes so many people fall in love with Ubud?

The answer is simple, yet difficult to explain: It’s because Ubud has taksu (spiritual charm) that other places lack.

This taksu is a synergy of the various aspects of life in Ubud -religion, culture, nature, and the activities of Ubud’s community- which have developed over centuries.

This taksu makes Ubud a place that can transform an individual into a new and better person. Ubud, whose name derives from the word obat, or medicine, can heal people’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ills; people feel more peaceful and relaxed when they are in Ubud.

To preserve this taksu, the Hindu-Balinese society of Ubud has a philosophy called Tri Hita Karana: harmonious relations between humankind and God, between humans and the natural environment, and among humans. It is this philosophy that giudes the people of Ubud in living their daily lives.

There is much that we can learn from Ubud as a place that consistently maintains the essential spirit of Bali. In the context of marketing, for example, Ubud simultaneously employs spiritual marketing, ecomarketing, and social marketing. These three elements are part of what we call Marketing 3.0, which involves the integration of marketing and values-the latest concept and practice of marketing, which can make any organization more sustainable.

In Ubud, a genuine process of development has taken place. Ubud has achieved a harmonious synergy between the past and the present, between tadition and modern life, and between Eastern and Western cultures.

Ubud: The Spirit of Bali
Hermawan Kartajaya with Bembi Dwi Indrio
Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Rp 65.000,-


One Response to Ubud: The Spirit of Bali

  1. tahir fazal says:

    i agree with the writer, i have been to ubud ,,what i can it ‘ the magic of Ubud’

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